Friday, January 15, 2010

A Trying week

I wanted so much to continue the momentum I had last week but it has been trying. We went out to dinner to applesbees. I should have have the weight watchers menu, But I didn't We got a 20 piece wings to share, then I had a salad with the crispy chicken on top... Sigh... when will I ever learn. I hopped on the Wii fit yesterday and I was up 2.5 pound from 2 days prior to that. Lets just hope that was water weight and that it didn't stay with me. I weigh in tomorrow at WW. I have not been drinking my water and I have not been logging my food. Seriously! Why can't I stick to the smallest goals? It's like the moment my life get's busy I lose track of everything else. The house gets dirty, I eat poorly, I am in need of some serious life management skills. On the bright side, I did would out yesterday and am super sore today. I did a workout on my new fitness coach Wii game. I can't believe what a good workout it was! I am off to work today for a few hours but maybe I can get another workout in tonight. I am recomitting to my 2 goals for this coming week. I need to make them habbit before I can add more! talk to you soon!

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